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The most efficient way to run your fitness business.

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Why Bright?
You are a professional, not an admin

The Bright App lets you autopilot your clients. Save time on admin tasks, so you can earn more!


Create training schedule in 30 seconds. Reschedule and make up sessions in 10 seconds. Easily see how many sessions remain and your daily schedule.

Intuitive Scheduling

Clients pay you through the app. We enforce a 24-hour deadline to ensure timely payment. Auto-bill option lets you autopilot training.

Prompt Payments

Everything your studio would need: monthly membership, day pass, group classes. Invite instructors and managers to help you grow your business. 

Studio Management



Made for the independent instructors and boutique fitness studio owners.



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We are a husband and wife team. Nerissa is a weightlifting coach; James is an ex-Google engineer. And together we own and operate a barbell club in San Francisco.


We created Bright to solve our own problems. Nerissa would spend hours each week scheduling and invoicing her clients. She would use different apps for scheduling, billing, calendar and communication. It was tedious. It was inefficient. 

Bright is our solution. We think it can help you too.


Got Questions? We got Answers!

How does Bright process payments?

We integrate with Stripe so your clients can easily and securely pay by card. 

What kind of commitment is required to use Bright?

None. Bright is free to download. There is no commitment required. If you don't like the app, just uninstall it.

What is the platform fee?

We charge a 4% platform fee for payments we collect on your behalf. We only get paid when you get paid. This ensures that we continue to make features to help your fitness business thrive. 

Must I have a Stripe account to use Bright?

No. Collecting payments through Stripe is optional. You can elect to collect payments yourself and still use the scheduling features of Bright.

Does Bright charge a monthly fee?

Nope. None. Nada. 

I'm a fitness client, why do I need Bright?

As a client, you can use Bright to securely pay for training sessions and studio memberships, easily reschedule sessions, and RSVP to group classes.